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Trip to India

February 23rd, 2009

I am currently In Mayapur, in West Bengal about 4 hours drive from Calcutta. I am part of a team of volunteers setting up a new online tv station called   There is a large festival on for the next few weeks and we will be reporting and putting highlights up on the net for people all around the world to see and to appreciate the beauty and culture of Mayapur.

Some nice things in life

November 12th, 2009

MoreBrainstorming some of the things that I would like in my life.Good things in life

Make the most of your story

October 27th, 2009






Learn to create your own web videos, use social media to target your audience and turn your story into results.


Third Sector Consulting

May 4th, 2009

Be Inspired consulting provides project management, research and training expertise for organisations working with the third sector. This includes voluntary and community organisations, charities, social enterprises and grant making bodies and foundations.

‘High engagement funding’ seminar presentation

May 2nd, 2009


Delegates at workshop

Delegates at workshop

On 30th April 2009, Ben Cairns (Director of the Institute for Voluntary Action Research) and I (Ravinol Chambers) made a presentation at seminar 4 in the Birkbeck/IVAR seminar series on ‘New thinking about the Third Sector,’ entitled….



We discussed the findings from our current research on high engagement funding both from a ‘Grants plus’ approach with small voluntary organisations and from a ‘venture philanthropy’ approach with larger charities ready to scale up. We finished by suggesting critical success factors for high engagement funding in general under the headings, ‘Design, Delivery and Dynamic.’

Also presenting was Chris Cornforth (Professor of Organisational Governance and Management at the Open University) who spoke about building organisational capacity and understanding the challenges of intervening in small to medium sized charities.

The event was chaired by Prof. Jenny Harrow, Co-Director for the Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy and invoked lively discussion amongst the 40 plus attendees from Charitable Foundations and other Third Sector organisations.  This is a very exciting field and an area foundations are very interested in.

David Emerson, CEO of the Association of Charitable Foundations said, ‘This has been one of the most enlivening seminars I have been to for a long time, thank you very much for your excellent work.’

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